Your dream holiday should be all about relaxing and doing the things that you want to do. The information below is provided to help you keep your holiday planning as stress-free as possible, and don’t forget that expert travel advice is only a phone call away.

Travel Visas2020-03-03T11:33:22+00:00

Whilst it is your responsibility to check whether you need a visa to enter your destination country, it may help to know that British citizens currently require visas for Canada, China, Libya, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, America, India, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Egypt and Cuba. This list is not exhaustive and rules may change at any time. Please be aware that visas can take time to arrive and its wise to make your application as soon as you know you need one to avoid undue stress.


Passports are an international requirement for travel outside of the UK.

Most countries require a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months left to run on your return.

Non-UK passport holders will need to contact the embassy or consulate of the country you are travelling to, to check requirements.

If you need to organise a new passport, please allow plenty of time as processing can take anything from 2-10 weeks and as security precautions increase, applications are not always accepted the first time.

Travel insurance2020-03-03T10:40:46+00:00

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate, valid, travel insurance to ensure you are fully protected. Please contact us if you would like a travel insurance quote from I.T.E.


Advance vaccinations or medication from your doctor are required to visit some parts of the world, for your own safety. Please refer to the government website www.dh.gov.uk to see if this applies to you.

Airport Security2020-03-03T11:38:12+00:00

It is often necessary to remove shoes, coats, belts, and any metal accessories when you go through security, so please consider your outfit to make things quick and comfortable.

Luggage allowance2020-03-03T11:38:45+00:00

Luggage allowances are changeable and many airlines are shifting towards lower weight limits in order to be more eco friendly, so charges for excess luggage can be very steep. Sometimes one leg of a long haul journey allows more luggage than the next which can catch you out, so always pack to the minimum allowance for the whole trip. As a rough guide Budget airlines most often allow 15kg and most major airlines from the UK allow 20kg in economy class, 30kg in business class and 40kg in first class.

Hand luggage is usually limited to a maximum size of 56cm x 45cm x 25cm with the total measurement (LxWxD) not exceeding 115cm.

Hand Luggage Restrictions2020-03-03T11:39:30+00:00

Liquids in hand luggage are most often restricted to 100ml each, including gels, creams and lipglosses, etc and must be placed in a sealable clear bag no larger than 1 litre, for security. Powders are often restricted to 350ml and no sharp objects or flammables are allowed. Sporting equipment or tools that could be used as a weapon, guns and self defence objects ie pepper spray are also not permitted. Vaping devices must be packed in hand luggage with the liquids within the required limit. Agricultural items will most likely be confiscated on your arrival so make sure you eat any fruit etc inflight if you pack it

Taking Medicine Abroad2020-03-03T11:40:06+00:00

You may take over the counter medications with you subject to the usual restrictions. If you need to pack prescribed medication, check with your Doctor as some airlines and some medications may require a medical letter. It is wise to take a copy of your prescription with the matching medication that you can show if necessary. Always carry your medication in your hand luggage when permitted in case you are separated from your luggage. Ensure it is in the original, correctly labelled, pharmacist packaging. Liquid medications over 100ml may need to be packed into your main luggage.

Resort Fees & Taxes2020-03-03T11:40:40+00:00

Please be aware that some countries/resorts charge a separate daily fee per room or per person and although the fee is usually nominal, these fees are not included in your booking unless specified, and are your own responsibility. Resort/facility fees are becoming increasingly common in America and Mexico where initially the room rates seem very inexpensive, as a way for them to top up their total earnings. If the fees have not been made clear to you in advance on your booking paperwork or on your arrival, you may be able to contest them as unfair trading practise but this is down to your own choice.

These fees are much less common outside of the americas.


You will usually receive etickets 2 weeks before your departure at the latest, unless you have requested hard copies sent to your home address which should arrive within the same timescale. If you have not received your tickets in this timeframe please contact us on 0330 001 5329.

Booking Changes2020-03-03T11:41:59+00:00

If you need to make changes to your booking, please call us on 0330 001 5329 or email: awesomeadventureco@ite.travel. Booking changes may be subject to charges as detailed in our terms and conditions.

Final Balance2020-03-03T11:42:39+00:00

All final payments are due 14 weeks prior to departure latest, although you can pay off part or all of your holiday sooner if you wish, just call us on 0330 001 5329.

Details can be found in your confirmation document.

Cancelling My Booking2020-03-03T11:43:12+00:00

If you need to cancel your holiday, please email us at awesomeadventureco@ite.travel AND put it in writing, sent recorded delivery, to: Independent Travel Experts C/O The Travel Network Group, 3rd Floor Albion House, High Street, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6BD.

A cancellation invoice can be issued upon request should you require one for insurance purposes.

Financial Protection2020-03-21T19:36:09+00:00

We are proud to be part of The Travel Network Group led consortium, Independent Travel Experts (ITE). As such we are financially protected by both the Travel Trust Association (TTA) number U9197, and the Air Travel Organisers’ License (ATOL) number T7400.

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