Rushing around between rides and shows it’s easy to miss some of the incredible, magical details hiding in plain sight around Disneyland Paris. Here is a list of our favourite secrets to look out for…

Barber Shop Mirror

As you walk past the Barber shop, don’t forget to take a quick stop at the mirror, if you look into it, you can try out a new moustache!

A Phone Call

Remember to pop inside the end shops on the right hand side of Main Street and pick up the old fashioned phone on the wall, if you listen carefully you can enjoy many of the funny conversations going on in one of the houses down the street!

A Steaming Cup

As you walk a little further down Main Street, don’t forget to look up at the coffee shop. On days when there isn’t much wind, you can see the steam coming out of the top of the cup.

Piano lessons

Close to the coffee shop is a window that says ‘Piano Lessons’ if you listen really carefully you’ll be able to hear someone playing – someone who REALLY needs the lessons!

Dragon Under Castle

Did you know that there is a dragon hiding under the Castle?! If you head around the left hand side of the castle, you’ll find a cave-like entrance, walk in and you’ll find yourself face to face with a live dragon! Make sure you stay quiet though, you don’t want to wake it!

Sleeping Guard

As you go upstairs in the castle, you will come across an armed guard, if you listen really carefully, you’ll be able to hear one of them snoring due to the curse that has been put on the castle!

The Ravens Glow

While upstairs, look around for the Raven and take special note of it’s eyes. If you take a picture with a flash on, don’t forget to take a look at the Raven’s eyes, they might even be glowing red!

Snails on the Castle

While outside the castle, take a long look at the golden steeples, what looks like bumps at first, are really snails! A little nod to France.

The Graveyard

As you leave the Haunted Mansion (Phantom Manor) rather than following the path back to the entrance, turn left and head up to the graveyard. Most people miss this part of the park but there are some exciting experiences there. A lot of the stones have very funny names and reasons for death and If you listen to the tombs, you can hear someones heart beat or scratching to get out!

Hidden Mickeys!

All around the park are ‘Hidden Mickeys’ on the rides, buildings, topiary and architecture, you can find 3 circles (in the shape of Mickeys head – one larger, 2 smaller on top). These can crop up anywhere from the plates on the table in the Mansion to stones in the flooring, so don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled.

The Animatronic Pigeons

In Discoveryland at Café Hyperion, don’t forget to look up, you’ll see the animatronic pigeons just sitting there.

Sword In The Stone

This is one that a lot of people know, but still worth mentioning. In Fantasyland, you can find the Sword in the Stone and have a go at pulling it out. If you are successful, the nearest cast member will crown you!

Cinderellas Carriage

Close to Auberge De Cendrillon, you will see a beautiful carriage, this belongs to Cinderella, so don’t forget to stop and have a photo taken.

A Talking Bin?!

While you are in this area, don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Bins! Push the talking trash can is often patrolling this area, rolling around and thanking all those that put rubbish in his bin. So even if you have a tiny piece of paper, it worth throwing it in the ‘trash’ to have a chat with him.

Controlling The Lights

In Studio 1, you can find a box that controls the lights on the other side of the street. Have fun playing with the switches and creating your own ‘show’!

Filling Up The Scream Canisters.

As you come out of Studio 1, head right and right again and you’ll find the Scream Canisters from Monsters Inc on the wall, try to scream as loud as you can to fill them up.

Cool Down

If you’re feeling hot, stop by Stunt Show and play with the huge fan, if you flip the switch, it really works, so have lots of fun ‘flying’!

Become a Toy

As you are in Toy Story Land, make sure to have a really good look at the floor, you should be able to see a giant foot print, to show you, that the rides around you are all toys too!

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